NEWS | March 31, 2021

7th Fleet conducts Freedom of Navigation Operation

By 7th Fleet Public Affairs

On March 31 (local time) USNS Charles Drew (T-AKE 10) asserted navigational rights and freedoms in the vicinity of the Kuk-To Island, consistent with international law. This freedom of navigation operation ("FONOP") upheld the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea recognized in international law by challenging the Republic of Korea's excessive straight baseline claim. 

U.S. Forces operate in the Indo-Pacific region on a daily basis. All operations are designed in accordance with international law and demonstrate that the United States will fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows.

We conduct routine and regular Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs), as we have done in the past and will continue to in the future. FONOPs are not about any one country, nor are they about making political statements.