Staff Ombudsman

Navy Family Ombudsmen are valuable assets in facilitating communication between the commanding officer and family members, fostering a better understanding of the needs and viewpoints of the crew and their families. Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet is fortunate to have an Ombudsman Team that provides information and assistance to all family members of the Staff. 

The Ombudsman Team fulfill the following roles: 

- Serve as the primary link/liaison between 7th Fleet Staff families and the command 

- Serve as the primary communicator of information between the command and command families 

- Communicate regularly with families via e-mail, the 7th Fleet website, social media, and published newsletters 

- Provide information and outreach to command family members 

- Interact and cooperate with organizations and military offices 

- Assist with the 7th Fleet command sponsorship program, to help aid in a smooth transition of new families arriving onboard 

- Act as an advocate for family members, using knowledge of the command to help access the appropriate resource within the chain of command 

- Assist in forwarding requests and grievances through the command while exercising confidentiality.


 If your family is new to the 7th Fleet Staff, please download the Family Information Sheet  and submit via e-mail,, or in person.


The Ombudsman Team would like to extend a helping hand to you and your family when you need it. They also look forward to meeting you and getting to know more about you and your family at various command functions! 

The Commander U.S. Seventh Fleet Ombudsman Team: 

Falicity Wheless & Gina Culp
Cell: 080-7739-4479
Facebook: Ombudsman C7F Staff   

Please Note: Per OPNAV Instruction 1750.1G, Ombudsmen shall provide immediate action when reportable issues or life endangering situations come to their attention by reporting to the appropriate official or organization and the commander or commanding officer. Reportable topics include but may not be limited to: Child abuse/neglect, alleged/domestic abuse, violence of life threatening situations, suspected suicidal risks, violation of laws, and any major financial issues.