Exercise Participants

USFK "On-Peninsula" access to Virtual Command Post via KTO.

- This capability grants you access to a separate account hosted by USFK.

- This account provides email (via OWA) and access to information and data located on a CAS-like web portal.

- The account creation process is worked through USFK's help desk via CNFK.

- Utilize the "USFK Classified CX-K GCCS-J AUP.PDF" and "CX-K Last Name SAAR.pdf".

- Submit these documents to M-KO-CNFK-SAARSUBMISSION-US@fe.navy.mil in an email that states "FOR KTO/VCP ACCESS" along with your most recent

Cyber Awareness Challenge.

- If you already have an account for VCP, send an email to M-KO-CNFK-SAARSUBMISSION-US@fe.navy.mil along with your most recent Cyber

Awareness Challenge to get your password reset.




Flight itineraries and any questions regarding exercise RSOI/check in please use below collective email:


Any questions regarding computer accounts use below collective email:

c7f-help-desk@c7f.tsp.navy.mil & C7F-CIS-IA@c7f.tsp.navy.mil

C7F Staff Primary POCs per exercise and submittal deadline for JPAS and SAAR-N forms:

Keen Edge 2022: LCDR Justin Cohee, NLT 15 January 2021

CCPT 22-1: LT Alex Bartow, NLT 1 Apr 2022


Personnel reporting to C7F submit security clearance information via joint personnel adjudication system (JPAS).

Secret clearances are submit to SMO code N570244, POC, YN1 Delosreyes, justin.delosreyes@c7f.tsp.navy.mil,

Computer Access SAAR-N form submittal process:

Keen Edge participants will need BLD 39B NIPR and SIPR along with BLD 39B SECREL. See below sections for required SAAR forms and instructions. Participants shall correctly complete and submit account requests/SAAR-N forms and supporting documentation. Augments are required to bring their own SIPR tokens. The participant’s parent command security manager shall complete and digitally sign the background investigation/clearance portion in part iii of applicable SAAR forms. Participants shall submit all required forms to the appropriate Distros (see above). IT POCs will verify that participants have correctly completed the SAAR forms and other applicable forms, and will contact participants to correct any discrepancies. Submitted forms shall not have dates or signatures older than 30 days. Failure to submit account request forms dates previously listed will result in delayed network access regardless of exercise start.  

NIPR and SIPR accounts for Building C-5 and BLD 39B:


Use the provided ONE-NET SAAR N form. Provide the filled out (user and supervisor) SAAR form and a digital copy to C7F-CIS-IA@c7f.tsp.navy.mil & c7f-help-desk@c7f.tsp.navy.mil.   

- Ensure to mark both UNCLASSIFIED and CLASSIFED in block 13 (write in “SIPR)

- Ensure to complete block 22 and 23.

- Provide Derivative Classification Training Certificate (Obtained from JKO/TWMS)

- Provide NATO Security Brief (Obtained from Security Managers)

- Provide IA Cyber Awareness Certificate from current fiscal year (Obtained from NeL)

- ONE-NET SAAR form has reciprocity with Building 39B to allow for consolidation of Navy SAAR forms


BLD C-5 FAR EAST SECREL Requirements (CMFP/J/K):

For those requiring SECREL in BLD C-5, please follow the MPE-ES Account Creation Process (MNIS) PPT.

- Fill out the MPE CENTRIXS 2875

- Complete user, supervisor, and security manager portions. Send to Seventh Fleet if security manager portion assistance is needed. Part IV is completed by INDOPACOM MPE administrators.

- The user WILL NEED to submit the SAAR on intelink (Making an intelink account is simple and it is CAC enabled). https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/mnis/support/SitePages/Home.aspx

- The PPT directions provides more detail on the submission process.

BLD 39B SECREL Requirements (CMFP/J/K):

For those requiring SECREL, use the AFP SAAR-N SECREL form, complete the user and supervisor portions and email to C7F-CIS-IA@c7f.tsp.navy.mil & c7f-help-desk@c7f.tsp.navy.mil. 

- Block 13 is preconfigured with the SECREL enclaves.

- Ensure to complete block 22 and 23.

- Provide Derivative Classification Training Certificate if you have not already done so for NIPR/SIPR access.

- Use your TAD dates for block 14a.  





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